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Garden Cafe


Garden Café was a challenge Migliore Interiors faced as a company as it is an area protected and reserved by the Government, so the design concept had to be carefully thought out as not much change could be made to the existing layout.

Migliore Interiors worked with the land and design the client’s already had, they wanted to stick to the “reserved” concept and reuse items such as old doors and windows for the table tops and legs from construction site furniture as legs for the tables.

The original area was very dull and lifeless. Migliore Interiors saw great potential in this landmark and wanted to bring life back to such beauty, and the best and easiest way to do so is with colour! The bright, colourful lighting as well as the pops of colour throughout the materials in the furniture adds to the fun and chilled concept and makes it also perfect for evening dining.




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