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MIGLIORE 04 - Living Room





What makes a house a home? For the client, it was having the natural light beam into the house that follows them around their space throughout the day and have a view of the greenery outside from every window, as the client had a huge love for nature and plants. We placed the premises in the center of the land they had, so the house was surrounded by nature and so every space had a garden of their own.

The fireplace is the heart of the house as Le Corbusier says. The fireplace is such a luxurious statement as well as carrying a price with it, it deserves to be the main feature of the house. With this in mind, we ensured that the fireplace could be viewed at most points from inside and outside the house; from the living room to the inside garden and outdoor fence, the kitchen, the upper balcony, the playroom etc.




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