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Let's Get Personal

Welcome to Migliore Interiors and if you're reading this you've most likely come across our blog!

Shall we start by breaking the ice?

We are an Interior Designing company located in the heart of Cyprus...Nicosia. Migliore Interiors was founded by Maria Charalambous and we have been designing spaces since 2015. Now...I'm sure you're now wondering who the face is behind the company, so let's show you!

*Inserts photo*

This is Maria!

Maria has always had a creative spirit to her, she discovered her passion for design at a young age and fast forward to a long journey ahead she created "Migliore Interiors."

Maria believes in being true to yourself and she carries this belief all the way through to her company. We believe in not shying away and being behind a logo, but embracing your true self and allowing others to see you and your personality!

There are 2 colleagues that Maria has in the office with her, myself (Nicole) - I work as the assistant manager to Maria, as well as doing the social media and helping with designing projects.

Then we have lovely Frosso, she's the 3D Designer and creates beautiful renders. We also have Alexis, our part-time Architect and Georgia who is the face behind the camera to all our professional photographs that you see!

Our social medias are a great way of us to portray what we get up to every day, what we are working on and the laughs we have.

Our website is a tiny bit more serious, however, it is very interesting as it is our digital photo album for all the projects we have created. Take a look here.

We want to take you on a journey, where you can live life with us at Migliore Interiors.

It'll be fun we promise!

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