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The Garrisons - Bar & Grill


The premises of The Garrisons was built to a more modern structure, it had been a difficult challenge but Migliore Interiors managed to find a way to fit to the old-fashioned 1919’s theme by adding brick walls, tiled black and white flooring, dark interior, railings next to the seating area, the little additional accessories like the gold lamps, big chandelier to mimic the “roaring twenties” era. We kept the design of the skylight from the old premises and followed it through into its current design by making use of the natural light that it provides. Doing so helped our concept, we wanted to stick to as little lighting as possible to create a darker atmosphere to replicate the times of the Peaky Blinders era, by placing too much lighting within the restaurant it would have taken away from our concept. Sticking to the Peaky Blinders concept, we added decorative mirrors opposite the bar with silhouette stickers of the main characters within the show. This idea also follows through as you enter further into the restaurant where we have displayed Tommy Shelby’s three siblings on vignette, old-fashioned pieces of art.





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