About us.

Why Migliore Interiors

Migliore Interiors has been transforming spaces since 2015, with the belief that everyone should have access to excellence in designing their homes and businesses. We also believe that the space around us can affect our mood, motivation, and performance which can decrease comfort or affect success. This is why Migliore Interiors focuses on   carefully selected designs and aesthetics. Working with us, we will go together on an intimate adventure, materializing your dream spaces with both fun and finesse.

The Migliore team drives innovation with both passion and analysis, combining modernity and technology with refined understanding of beauty and spaces. With wide expertise, extensive experience, and careful research, Migliore Interiors specializes in the decoration, renovation, and construction of professional and residential spaces. Migliore’s aim is to breathe life into your ideas for brilliance in everyday life.

Our Story

While Migliore Interiors was founded in 2015 in Nicosia, Cyprus, the story begins in Manchester in 2007 with two young designers, Maria and Omar, both eager to create and materialize their passions in design. Maria and Omar came together as design students who see it as fun and play, and after a long road, they continued to collaborate on various projects as professionals before joining forces as partners in Migliore Interiors. Together, the Migliore Team drives their passion into people’s homes and work environments, bringing them harmony and elegance in their everyday life.

Maria Charalambous - Founding Partner

Ever since a young age, Maria had a sense for spaces, gaining a designer reputation among family and friends. Maria’s natural creativity and sharp sense in problem solving prepared her for life as a designer. With her interior design degree from Manchester and Master’s in Interior and Living Design from Milan, Maria began her professional career and brought together her personality, knowledge, and experience to found Migliore Interiors. Under her leadership, the establishment has expanded from local to various international collaborations with design teams from Greece, Malta, Italy, and Lebanon.

“Even concrete can be pleasing to look at with the right intention and execution”    ~    Maria

Omar Owaini - Partner

Omar’s unique eye for aesthetics and flexible creativity come from interesting background. Omar’s passion for design was left as a hobby when he first studied and became a lawyer. His love for design only became stronger, and wanting to live life to its fullest, Omar started anew and went on to also become a graduate of interior design from the University of Salford, Manchester. He launched his career as a designer in the Lebanese market, and with his success, he established a company that grew for six years to regional markets, but operations unfortunately ceased with the tragic crises that befell Omar’s home country since 2019. As a partner, Omar’s entrepreneurial experience and acute perspective brings synergy to the Migliore Team.

“Beauty has no law; there are always new ways to do anything we want”   ~   Omar

Our Values

Everybody has to be somewhere, whether at home or at work, and that somewhere can be full of life. We believe in enhancing spaces that people are in, but we also believe in sustainability in our operations for our lifestyle and environment. Our research team is constantly looking for new materials, equipment, and ways to reduce waste and promote sustainable living, thinking of the spaces for future generations as well.

Our Promise

At Migliore, we love what we do, and do it with passion. We value your ideas, history, and background, and strive to bring them to life in practical ways. As professionals, we promise you reliability. With our careful research and collaboration with our clients, we execute on-time and on budget for instilling aesthetics into our daily lives.


To design and innovate in the style of our customers and create a unique space suited for their character.


To breathe life into the ideas of every person and ameliorate their daily environment.

“Enhance your space.

Our clients